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Two dice are rolled each turn.

Each player may choose a number to take from those dice, being either the lower value, the higher, the total of the two dice, the difference between them, or their multiplied product.

They write that number in any circle on their sheet, and tick off that option. (Once you've ticked all four boxes for an option, you can't take it any more.)

Regular circles can take any number from 0-13. Black-outlined circles are dangerous terrain and can only take numbers from 0-6. If you're forced to place a number that's too high, a ☹️ must be drawn there instead.

After the first turn, numbers must be written adjacent to existing numbers.

At the end of the game, each numbered circle which does not form part of a line or zone gets a ☹️.


  • Every line of ascending, connected, consecutive numbers = the highest number in the line, plus 1 point per other number in the line
  • Every zone of 2+ connected, identical numbers = the number from any of its circles, plus 1 point per other circle in the zone
  • Bonuses for both longest line and largest zone = 1 point for 3, 3 points for 4, 6 points for 5, etc.
  • Malus = -3 points for each ☹️ on your mountain

Extra rules

Extra rules for Jampa from Trek 12 +1:

  • You must create a Fixed Line between circles already linked in that manner. There is no constraint when you fill in your first circle.

When you fill in the second circle, it must form a Fixed Line with the first. Otherwise, the circle is considered orphaned and you draw an orphan in the circle.

Extra rules for Christmas :

  • Each chain represents a garland. The bonuses of each garland are noted above each Rope Trail and depend on the number of different colored balls in the Rope Trail. The more balls of different colors in your garlands, the more points you will score!
  • Zones represent gifts. Each Zone gives a bonus only if that zone has no balls. The bonus is then equal to the value of the Zone in question and is noted in the line below.
  • Finally, it's Christmas! So no orphans: each orphan space gives a 5 point penalty.
  • The player or players (if simultaneous) who are the first to fill in the box just below the star get a 10 point bonus.

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