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Deck Contents

181 cards

  • x12 Nigiri 握り (egg 玉子, salmon サーモン, squid イカ)

Sushi Rolls 寿司ロール

  • x12 Maki 巻き
  • x12 Temaki 手巻き
  • x12 Uramaki 裏巻き

Appetizers 前菜

  • x8 Tempura 天ぷら
  • x8 Sashimi 刺身
  • x8 Dumpling 餃子
  • x8 Eel うなぎ
  • x8 Tofu 豆腐
  • x8 Onigiri おにぎり
  • x8 Edamame 枝豆
  • x8 Miso Soup 味噌汁

Specials スペシャル

  • x3 Chopsticks 箸
  • x3 Soy Sauce 醤油
  • x3 Tea お茶
  • x3 Menu メニュー
  • x3 Spoon スプーン
  • x3 Special Order 特別注文
  • x3 Takeout Box 弁当
  • x3 Wasabi わさび

Desserts デザート

  • x15 Pudding プリン
  • x15 Green Tea Ice Cream 抹茶アイスクリーム
  • x15 Fruit フルーツ

Differences from original game

  • 6 to 8 players. Original is 5p max.
  • Number of cards dealt to each player at start
    • 2p 10 cards (same as original)
    • 3p 10 cards (+1 more than original)
    • 4p 9 cards (+1 more than original)
    • 5p 9 cards (+2 more than original)
    • 6p 8 cards (new)
    • 7p 8 cards (new)
    • 8p 7 cards (new)
  • Dessert card changes
    • Two new desserts: Fruit and Green Tea Ice Cream
    • Original game 10 Pudding dessert cards shuffled in
    • A certain number of dessert cards are dealt each round
    • 2-5p Round 1 (5 desserts), Round 2 (3 desserts), Round 3 (2 desserts)
    • 6-8p Round 1 (7 desserts), Round 2 (5 desserts), Round 3 (3 desserts)
  • Rule changes from original game
    • Pudding and Maki share full points, unlike original which were split
    • Pudding +6 most / -6 fewest and points are shared
    • Maki +6 most / +3 2nd most / +2 3rd most (+2 only 6-8p) points are shared
    • Multiple Soy Sauce cards can be scored unlike in the original Promo card
    • Chopsticks choose your 2nd card after seeing players played cards, unlike original which was before.

Game modes

  • Sushi Go! (2-6p) (original game) but can now play 6p
  • Sushi Go Party! (2-8p)

Menu Selection

  • First player selects
- First player selects one suggested menu
  • Random among suggested menus
- Random selection among suggested menus

Suggested Menu

  • My First Meal 2-8p (for new players)
- Nigiri, Maki, Tempura, Sashimi, Miso Soup, Wasabi, Tea, Green Tea Ice Cream
  • Sushi Go! 2-6p (classic original game)
- Nigiri, Maki, Tempura, Sashimi, Dumpling, Chopsticks, Wasabi, Pudding
  • Party Sampler 3-6p (fresh and new taste)
- Nigiri, Temaki, Tempura, Dumpling, Tofu, Wasabi, Menu, Green Tea Ice Cream
  • Master Menu 3-8p (seasoned players)
- Nigiri, Temaki, Onigiri, Tofu, Sashimi, Spoon, Takeout Box, Fruit
  • Points Platter 3-6p (score big points)
- Nigiri, Uramaki, Onigiri, Dumpling, Edamame, Special Order, Tea, Green Tea Ice Cream
  • Cutthroat Combo 3-8p (in your face)
- Nigiri, Temaki, Eel, Tofu, Miso Soup, Spoon, Soy Sauce, Pudding
  • Big Banquet 3-8p (best with 6-8p)
- Nigiri, Maki, Tempura, Dumpling, Eel, Spoon, Chopsticks, Green Tea Ice Cream
  • Dinner for Two 2-6p (best with 2p)
- Nigiri, Uramaki, Onigiri, Tofu, Miso Soup, Menu, Special Order, Fruit

Players create their own menu (1 roll, 3 appetizers, 2 specials and 1 dessert)

  • First player creates their own menu
- First player creates their own menu using create your own menu rules
  • All players create a menu together
- All players create a menu together using create your own menu rules, by voting to approve or disapprove
  • Pass Both Ways
- In rounds 1 and 3, cards are passed to the left, in round 2 cards are passed to the right.
  • 2 Player Variant
- Players get only 5 cards on the first turn of one round, then draw one extra card at the beginning of each of the 5 following turns.

Playing the game

You are at a fancy sushi restaurant which doesn't have 食べ放題 tabehoudai (all-you-can-eat). So you need to order each item separately, creating 惜しい oshii (delicious) combinations and grabbing a few desserts if you wish.

Create your own menu consists of Nigiri (egg, salmon, squid), 1 type of sushi rolls (Maki, Temaki or Uramaki), 3 types of appetizers, 2 types of specials and 1 type of dessert (Pudding, Fruit or Green Tea Ice Cream). The game takes place over 3 rounds, each with multiple turns. On each turn, all players simultaneously choose any 1 card from their hands that they would like to keep. When each player has done this, the chosen cards are revealed. The cards you chose will remain in front of you on your sushi belt until the end of the round. Desserts are placed in the refrigerator at the end of round 1 and round 2. Your remaining hand is then passed to the player on your left, and you receive a new hand from the player on your right. Your next turn begins with 1 fewer card to choose from. After the 3rd round, the game is over and the player with the most points wins. Tiebreaker is most desserts.

Cards from original game

Sushi Rolls

  • Maki +6 most / +3 2nd most / +2 3rd most (+2 only 6-8p) full points are shared
  • Egg Nigiri 1 point but on Wasabi 3 points
  • Salmon Nigiri 2 points but on Wasabi 6 points
  • Squid Nigiri 3 points but on Wasabi 9 points


  • Tempura x2 = 5 (2 Tempura score 5 points, may score multiple sets)
  • Sashimi x3 = 10 (3 Sashimi score 10 points, may score multiple sets)
  • Dumpling x1=1, x2=3, x3=6, x4=10, x5=15 (4 Dumpling score 10 points)


  • Chopsticks use on a subsequent turn, play a 2nd card after seeing cards played
  • Soy Sauce 4 points if most different colored cards, multiple can be scored.
  • Wasabi Next Nigiri x3 (triples value), must be played before Nigiri

Dessert (scored at end of game)

  • Pudding +6 most / -6 fewest and full points are shared (no -6 for fewest in 2p)

New cards

Sushi Rolls

  • Temaki 4 points for most, -4 points for fewest, (no -4 for fewest in 2p)
  • Uramaki Race to 10 rolls, 1st 8 points, 2nd 5 points, 3rd 2 points. End of round any unclaimed place is scored.


  • eel x1 = -3 (1 eel -3 points) x2+ = 7 (more than 2 eel 7 points). May not score multiple sets. (4 eel is still only 7 points)
  • Tofu x1 = 2 (1 Tofu 2 points) x2 = 6 (2 Tofu = 6 points) x3+ = 0 (3 or more Tofu = 0 points)
  • Onigiri 1 unique shape = 1 point, 2 unique = 4 points, 3 unique = 9 points, 4 unique = 16 points (may score multiple sets)
  • Edamame 1 point per opponent that has Edamame. If 2 opponents also have Edamame each one = 2 points. Max is 4 points per Edamame. (Not used in 2p)
  • Miso Soup 3 points but must be discarded if other players choose Miso Soup also the same turn whether normally or using Chopsticks, Spoon, Menu or Special Order.


  • Tea points for your largest set. If 4 Dumpling is largest each Tea = 4 points. If 5 Dumpling each Tea = 5 points.
  • Menu draw 4 cards from unused deck and choose 1 to play immediately
  • Spoon use on a subsequent turn, announce a general or specific card after cards played and get it if in one of your opponent's hand who puts spoon in hand, otherwise discard. (Not used in 2p)
  • Special Order copies any card you have played
  • Takeout Box choose any cards to flip to 2 point cards or pass

Desserts (scored at end of game)

  • Green Tea Ice Cream x4 = 12 (4 Green Tea Ice Cream = 12 points). May score multiple sets. (3 Green Tea Ice Cream = 0 points)
  • Fruit Watermelon, Pineapple, Orange -- Same type of fruit scoring
    • 0 = -2 points, 1 = 0 points, 2 = 1 point, 3 = 3 points, 4 = 6 points, 5+ (5 or more) = 10 points
    • 6 Watermelon = 10 points, 0 Pineapple = -2 points, 3 Orange = 3 points
    • See final tally of fruit after game results by clicking Final Situation tab and fridge shows round 1 & 2 and add that to round 3 fruit on player table.