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Score the most points by guessing what others associate with the clue word.


  • The game consists of 4 rounds.
  • At the start of each round, reveal a new clue word.
  • Each player chooses 1 to 10 cards that they think associates with the clue word, and mark them in their slates.
  • Everyone reveals how many cards they choose, and the one who chooses the most goes in the dark (ties doesn't count).
  • Starting from the scout, each player chooses 1 of their cards to reveal.
  • If more than 2 players choose this card, they all get a spark and score 2 points.
  • If exactly 2 players choose this card, they each get a super-spark and score 3 points.
  • If only that player choose this card, he falls and cannot score any more points this round. If he is also in the dark, he deducts 1 point for each spark and super-spark.
  • The round ends when all players either falls or does not have any cards to reveal.
  • After each round, 5 cards from a row is replaced and the scout goes to the next player.

End of the Game

The game ends after 4 rounds. The player with the most points wins. If there is a tie, they share the victory.