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Fill your 6 dogs with correct dice to win


On your turn, you can either do a trick or declare a dog complete

Perform a Trick

Pick one of the face up trick cards, perform all the actions on it, then flip it face down

These actions generally revolve around rolling and manipulating dice

Once you've finished a stage of the trick any dice faces are now assigned to your dogs

If you can't assign a die (or don't want to), it goes to your yard

Dice can only be placed if the number space is shown on a dog, and each space can only take one die

Treats can be spent to reroll all dice in a stage of a trick before placement

If the pips on your yard dice ever total 8 or more, all dice in your yard and on your dogs are discarded along with any unassigned dice. Then your turn ends immediately.

If there's ever only one option for what trick to perform, give it a treat, then flip all tricks to their active side. The next person to perform that trick also gains the treat

Complete a Dog

Instead of performing a trick, you can instead declare a dog complete and score it

To do this, the dog must have all its dice spaces filled, then discard them all and flip the dog to show it's complete

If you are able, you must complete multiple dogs at the same time (i.e. you can't hang on to a completed dog for another turn if you take this action)

Draw new dog cards to replace the ones you finished

Bonus Complete a Dog

If you take the Perform a Trick action, and it results in ALL your active dogs being filled, you immediately score/flip them without having to additionally take the Complete a Dog action on your next turn

Remember this bonus occurs AFTER all dice from that stage of the trick are placed, i.e. if you fill your dogs AND get 7+ in your yard, you wipe everything as normal before checking for the bonus and as such wouldn't get a bonus as all dogs would now be empty

End of Game

The game ends when someone scores their 6th Dog and is declared winner of dogs

In addition, you may not have more than 6 dogs ever, i.e. your final setup before a win would be 5 scored and 1 active