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Solo is a simple game where you must play every card in your hand before any other player does Every card is worth a specific amount of points, and at the end of each round the total number of points is subtracted from the total you started with at the beginning of the round, unless you won the round.

Special cards

Swap cards (Direct): Allows you to choose a player to switch your entire hand with their hand

Swap cards (Rotation):The gray swap cards card rotates every player's hand according to the order of play. So if it the order of play is counter clockwise cards are swapped counterclockwise and vice versa. Any card can be played after this card.

Skip: Skips the next player.

Plus Two: Gives the player next in the turn order 2 cards. Can be played of a active (Meaning its just been played and its targeting you) plus two to make the next player draw 4. (1 +2= 2, 2 +2= 4, 3 +2= 6, etc) aka stacking.

Wild: Allows you to change the color

Wild Plus Four: Allows you to change the color while also making the next player draw 4 cards. like a plus 2 you can stack on this.

Playing cards

In order to play any card except for Swap cards (Rotation), and both types of wild cards cards must match the number/symbol or color of the previous card.

Jumping In

IF a player that is Not directly before you in the turn order plays the same color and number/symbol (EX: They play a blue 4 and you have a blue 4) You can play that card. Any players in between you and the previous player are skipped.


Before you perform any move that would leave you with one card in your hand you must call solo. If you do not and you do perform a move that would leave you with one card you will be forced to draw two cards.


  • face value - 1-9
  • 10 - Change Direction
  • 20 - Skip
  • 30 - Draw Two, Swap Cards with Another Player
  • 40 - Swap Cards in Turn, Choose a Color
  • 50 - Draw 4 + Choose a Color

Unimplemented Rules

The linked rulebook is newer than the BGA implementation of the game, and reflects at least one revision to the rules. In particular, the “Triple +” rule mentioned in the rulebook is not supported on BGA.