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  • Each player gets their mat, 3 flowers and 1 skull. The discs are hidden and the mat is placed skull side up.
  • Each player places a disc on their mat face down.
  • Then, starting from the first player, choose whether to add an extra disc. If a player doesn't want to add a disc, they must challenge.
  • After the challenge started, players may increase the bid to a number of discs or pass. The highest bidder becomes the challenger.
  • The challenger must flip a number of discs equal to their bid. They begin by flipping all of their own discs, then with other players.
  • The discs are flipped one by one. If a skull is flipped, the challenger loses a disc. If a challenger loses their last disc, they are out.
  • Otherwise, they flip their mat to the flower side. If their mat is already flower side up, they win the whole game.