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St. Petersburg

Rules Summary


The game is made up of multiple rounds of 4 phases: workers, buildings, aristocrats, trade You buy cards for the number of roubles shown on the card. If you already have one or more of the cards, they come at a discount - 1 rouble less for each card of the same type (but they always cost at least 1 rouble). On the second round onwards, cards that were not used in the last round are moved to the lower row - those cards cost 1 rouble less.

Worker Phase (Green Cards)

In this phase you buy worker cards. At the end of the round, you are paid 3 roubles for every worker you have.

Trading Cards

Displacing trading cards:

  • Blue trading cards can displace any already placed building.
  • Red trading cards can displace any already placed aristocrat.
  • Each green trading card must replace a specific type of worker (players can recognize pairs of green trading cards and their predecessor by matching symbols in the upper right of the cards):
    • Carpenter Workshop - Lumberjack
    • Gold Smelter - Gold Miner
    • Weaving Mill - Shepherd
    • Fur Shop - Fur Trapper
    • Wharf - Ship Builder
  • A trading card _cannot_ displace another trading card.

Paying for trading cards:

  • If trading card is more expensive than the card it displaces, the cost is the difference between the two.
  • If trading card is the same cost or cheaper than the card it displaces, the cost is 1 ruble.
  • All other normal cost reductions from other cards _do_ also apply to trading cards.