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Play ghost cards to gain the majority of mansions, or forfeit them to gain powerful psychics.

Setup (What you need to Know)

  • Draw 9 psychic cards and place them in a line.
  • Place the 10th round psychic card in the end of the line.
  • Each player draw 5 cards from their deck.


  • Play for 10 rounds.
  • On your turn, play any number of psychic cards and ghost cards on your side. Psychic card effects apply instantly.
  • At the end of your turn, if your value is higher than your opponent, it is your opponent's turn.
  • If it is not the case, you must withdraw from the mansion and get the psychic card. The winner gets the manor/castle.
  • At the end of the round, each player draws 2 ghost cards. The loser may play a card to the 10th round.

End of Game

  • You win instantly if you get 4 manors (yellow) or 3 castles (pink).
  • If no one win at the end of the 9th round, reveal the cards for the 10th round.
  • If none of the winning condition are met after the 10th round, the one who win the 10th round wins the game.
  • If the 10th round is a tie, the player with the most mansions wins the game. If the players are still tied, then the game ends in a tie.

Psychic Cards

Level 0

1. You won't have it: Get the psychic card of the round no matter what.