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On Your Turn

You may perform one or two actions.

First action (mandatory): you must either mark a skydiver or move a tile.
Second action (optional, you may skip this step): you may move a tile.

Marking a skydiver:

Choose a free skydiver on an already-played tile and put a parachute on his back.


Add a new tile adjacent to an already placed one and add a parachute to one of the new tile's skydivers.

Moving a Tile:

You may select and move to any free space on a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line, with the following requirements:

All skydiver tiles continue to be a single formation after the move.
You may not move a tile that you marked the same turn.
You may not move a tile that is surrounded on all 4 edges.

End of the game:

The player who successfully lines up five of his own skydivers (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) immediately wins the game. If both players achieve a line of five skydivers simultaneously, the active player wins. If both players are out of parachutes, the game ends in a tie.

Advanced Quinque:

With advanced rules, the rules for moving tiles changes depending on the total number of parachutes on a tile (color doesn't matter):

1 Parachute: Move the tile to an adjacent position in its row or column.
2 Parachutes: Move the tile to any free position in its row or column (even through tiles).
3 Parachutes: Move the tile to any free position diagonally (even through tiles).
4 Parachutes: Move this tile to any free position horizontally, vertically, or diagonally (even through tiles).