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Development Actions

1. Create Hoplites: Only in one polis per turn; pay 1 metal (or silver) per hoplite 2. Create Galleys: Only in one polis per turn; pay 1 wood (or silver) per galley, then place it in adjacent sea territory (see arrow). 3. Create Merchants: Only in one commercial city per turn; pay 1 wood (or silver) per merchant, then place it in Trade Port.

Military Actions (cost 1 Prestige)

5. Move Hoplites: Destination territory of all hoplites has to be the same; each unit is moved separately (via land or sea territories); territories controlled by opponent block movement. 6. Move Galleys: Destination territory of all galleys has to be the same; each unit is moved separately (only sea territories); territories controlled by opponent block movement. 7. Besiege Polis: Player has to control territory with at least as many hoplites as polis has Fortification. Throw the die: • If result higher than/equal to Fortification: take Polis Tile (with all projects); receive Prestige (= Fortification). • If result lower than Fortification, attacker loses 1 hoplite. If polis owned by opponent, it loses 1 Population Cube. 8. Collection: Take resources corresponding to hoplite placement in Tribute Box. Place disk. No Prestige cost for action in home region.

Political Actions

9. Trade: Move one merchant via free trade route to Foreign Market and place it on available shipload: • Goods exchange (goods for wheat / silver); then increase market value (roll die; move marker right). • Purchase (silver paid for wheat); then increase market value (roll die twice; use higher result to move marker left). 10. Move Proxenos: Movement via land or sea territories. Has to bribe each enemy unit with 1 silver (not to the opponent). 11. Redeem Proxenos: Pay 2 silver to opponent; place Proxenos in capital. 12. Instigate Civil War: Proxenos needed; action costs 2 Base Population (neutral polis) or 3x current Population (owned by opponent). Receive Prestige (= Population bribed, not amount of money spent).


If 8 or more units in territory after player's turn. Attacker plays 2 cards, defender tries to match formations. Card pairs are then compared: • not matching: defender loses 1 unit, attacker gains Prestige on card. • matching: no loss for defender, attacker gains Prestige difference if his value is higher. Attacker draws 2 cards; defender draws one less card for each loss suffered (maximum 2).

The battle ends if: 1. not enough cards are left in the Combat Card deck. 2. one player retreats (and pays 1 Prestige to opponent). 3. one player has less than 2 units left.

End of the Round

1. Projects: all are completed, and award immediate Prestige. 2. Supply: player has to pay wheat = total of Population Cubes; if insufficient, difference either paid with Prestige, or poleis are discarded. 3. Growth: increase Population in poleis with wheat (1:1); heed Maximum Growth and Population Maximum. Optional. 4. Megalopolis: 1 Prestige awarded for every polis exceeding Base Population. 5. Storage: halve amount of oil, wine, and wheat in storage (rounded up) 6. Phoros: exchange Prestige for silver (1:1). Optional.

Preparations for the next Round

Move round marker one space to the right. Remove all discs from Tribute Boxes. Place merchants back in Trade Ports. Place 3 new Project Tiles (discard remaining tiles). Draw new Event Card.

End of Game Conditions

1. A player cannot supply enough wheat/Prestige to feed his capital. 2. A player does not have any Prestige left after “End of Round” phase. 3. The fourth round (5β) has been finished.

Final Score

• total of Population Cubes in all poleis, plus • current Prestige, plus • ”Prestige for Posterity” (on project tiles).