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Each round, everyone is told to draw a particular thing (a "task"), and has one minute to do so. Your 1 minute starts when you begin drawing so you can take a few seconds to think about what you want to do before drawing. After that, all players see one player's drawing and privately guess what they think that player's task was. Players' guesses are then mixed in with the original task, and players vote on which they think is the original task, for each picture. For each guess, players should vote on entries that are the same, such that all players who vote for entries that are the same get credit. For example if one option is "ice tray" and another is "icecube tray" players may indicate that they believe those are the same submissions.

Score 1 point for everyone who chose your guess, and for everyone who chose the original task on your drawing.

The game is played in rounds, for each round every player submits one drawing.

Note: the default scoring method does NOT give points for correct guesses. It is up to the table administrator to decide this before the game begins.

The game continues until the completion of a preset number of rounds (usually 3 to 5).