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Players take on the roles of two Hikers as they trek across different Trails during the four Seasons of a Year. Each Trail represents a different Season, and as each Season passes, the Trails change and grow steadily longer. Each turn, players send one of their Hikers down the Trail. While on the Trail, Hikers will see beautiful Sites and perform an action when they arrive. When a Hiker reaches the end of the Trail, they can spend tokens they have received to visit Parks and earn points. Your goal is to have the most points from your Parks, Photos, and Personal Bonus at the end of the Year.

Taking turns

The player with the First Hiker Marker takes the first turn of the Season. On a turn, a player selects either one of their Hikers and moves the Hiker to a Site of their choice down Trail—anywhere to the right of that Hiker’s current location. When the Hiker lands on the new Site, the player performs the Site’s action. After taking the action, the next player takes a turn. Turns continue until the Season ends. If another Hiker—even your own—is already occupying a Site, then it cannot be visited unless you use your Campfire.

If you gain [RAIN] on your turn, you can place it in an empty Canteen to gain the benefit shown on the card.

Basic Sites

These Sites will appear every season.

  • Forest: Gain [FOREST].
  • Mountain: Gain [MOUNTAIN].
  • Ocean: Gain [RAIN2].
  • Valley: Gain [SUN2].
  • Vista: Draw a Canteen OR turn in 2 tokens to take a Photo and gain the Camera. (A player who holds the Camera can take a Photo for 1 token instead of 2.)

In a game with 4 or more players, one additional basic Site is added:

  • Waterfall: Gain [SUN][RAIN].

Advanced Sites

Before the start of each Season, one of these Sites is added to the Trail. The fourth and final Season will have all of these Sites.

  • Lodge: Turn in one token and gain any one token (excluding wildlife). You may do this a second time.
  • Lookout: Reserve or Visit a Park OR Buy a Gear card.
  • Wildlife: Turn in any one token to gain a [WILD].
  • River: Turn in a [WATER] to copy the action from another Site occupied by a Hiker. (Note: The Trailhead and the Trail End are not Sites.)

Trail End

The Trail End has three locations:

  1. Reserve a Park. You take a face-up Park or a Park from the top of the deck. You don't pay resources or score points. You may later Visit that Park. The first player who uses this space each season takes the First Hiker Marker.
  2. Buy Gear. The first player (or, in a game with 4 or more players, the first two players) can buy Gear for [SUN] less.
  3. Visit a Park. Pay the cost shown on the Park to gain the indicated number of points.

When you move a Hiker to the Trail End, you relight your Campfire if it is extinguished.

End of a Season

Once a player’s two Hikers reach the Trail End, they will no longer take turns for the Season. When only one Hiker is left on the Trail, the player must move the Hiker to the Trail End and choose an action there. This marks the end of the Season. At the end of a Season:

  • The player with the Camera may pay 1 token to take a Photo.
  • All Canteens are emptied, and their [RAIN] is returned to the supply.
  • All Hikers return to the Trailhead.

After the fourth Season, the game is over. All players reveal their Year cards and score points based on their Personal Bonus. The player with the First Hiker Marker gains 1 additional point.

The player with the most points at the end is the winner! If tied, the win goes to the player who visited the most Parks. If still tied, the win is shared.