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Paris Connection - Rules summary

There are 6 colors of wooden locomotives, each color representing a company.

Players are dealt random hands of 5-10 locomotives (depending on number of players).

These are a stock portfolio, and it's hidden behind player screens.

The rest of the locomotives are placed in storing boards of respective colors.

Player turn

The active player conducts 1 of 2 possible actions: 1. Build Track or 2. Trade (may not pass):

1. Build Track

Player places 1 to 5 locomotives from one locomotive storing, and places them on the map.

Rules for building track:

  • a new locomotive must be adjacent to other of same color
  • Red/White checkered lines cannot be crossed
  • Two locomotives of same color cannot share same hex
  • rural hex may contain 2 colors, city hexes may contain 1 color
  • Eiffel tower hex cannot be occupied
  • it is not allowed to completely cut way of other company

Scoring Each placed locomotive may be worth points: 0: Rural hex 1: Beije city 2: Purple city 3: Red city 4: Blue city (Marseille)

2. Trade

Return 1 locomotive, then receive 1 or 2 locomotives. The returned locomotive(s) must be from one different storing board.

Maximum of locomotives: 3 players: 20 locomotives 4 players: 15 locomotives 5 players: 12 locomotives 6 players: 10 locomotives

End of Game

The game immediately ends when:

  • There are locomotives on only one locomotive storing


  • Marseille has been connected

End Game Scoring

Player score Victory Points multiplying their shares by the value of each company(color). Any player with more than the maximum number of locomotives subtracts 20 VP for each extra locomotive.