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Goal of the game: Have the lowest points after three rounds; alternatively the game ends someone scores 26+ points

Round goal: Empty your hand of point animals(ones with the water drop symbols)

Cards: The cards have an image of an animal, their gender, weight, special abilities and point value(if any) listed

Player turn:

  • First, play an animal card to ark the Noah marker is on as per the rules of card placement(below)
  • Then move Noah according to the symbol in the top middle of the card
  • If you play an animal of the same species as the top-most card on your ark, immediately take another turn after moving Noah

Rules for card placement:

  • Cards placed on arks must either all be of the matching gender or alternate back and forth
  • All cards have a number printed on them indicating their weight, ranging from 0 to 10.
  • The Arks have a typical weight limit of 21, unless modified by the wood pecker card(which lowers the weight limit to 13)
  • The Ark departs when it reaches it's EXACT weight limit, and those cards are discarded.
    • You get the bonus of giving away one card to an opponent per ark you complete on your turn.
    • If you are unable to play a card, you must instead take all the cards from that Ark into your hand, then play a card onto that Ark.

  • The round ends when a player has emptied their hand of cards and points are calculated by how many water drop symbols are on cards remaining in a players' hand

Animals with bonuses

  • Lion : Steal a card from another player
  • Giraffe : look at any other players hand
  • Snail : choose gender when played
  • Woodpecker : lower weight limit
  • Mule : Don't move Noah