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Game Turn Actions On your turn, you must take one of the following 4 actions: 1. Open a Stand 2. Bring Customers 3. Open a Restaurant 4. Take 1 Coin

1. Open a Stand Choose one of the 3 Stand tiles in front of you. Place it with your wooden Stand on any space of the market that has neither a Stand tile nor a faceup Restaurant tile. The cost to place the tile is 1 coin for each Stand in the row or column, including the stand you are now placing. You must always pay the more expensive price.

Example: Green is opening a Tomato Stand. In the same row there are 2 more Stands, and in the same column there is only 1 other Stand. The row has more Stands. Green pays 3 coins, one for the stand being placed plus two for the 2 Stands in the same row. If you place the Stand tile on a space with a gray (facedown) Restaurant tile on it, take the Restaurant tile, flip it faceup, and place it in front of you where everyone can see it.

Check to see if you earn any money (see Earning Money, page 3). Finally, take one of the 3 Stand tiles from the display and refill the display with a random Stand tile from the bag. Note: Once you learn how to earn money, there is a sneaky way you can open a Stand when you do not have enough money (see You May Place Then Pay, page 4).

2. Bring Customers Take one of the available Customer tiles, and place it on an empty market entrance (found at the ends of every row and column); however, in order to bring Customers to the market, you must meet two conditions: • You can only place Customer tiles at the entrance of a row or column with a number of Stands equal to or greater than the number of Customers on the tile. For example, a Customer tile showing 3 Customers can only be placed in a row or column with 3 or more Stands. • At least one of your own Stands in the row or column must match at least one of the types of Stand depicted on the Customer tile.

Check to see who earns money (see Earning Money, page 3). Finally, replace the Customer tile taken, if possible, so that there are 3 Customer tiles of that type available.

3. Open a Restaurant Restaurants improve orthogonally adjacent (not diagonal) Stand tiles of the corresponding type. Sushi Bars improve Fish Stands, Tea Houses improve Flower Stands, Pizzerias improve Tomato Stands, Burger Joints improve Meat Stands, Wine Bars improve Grape Stands, and Pubs improve all Stands.

If you do not have any Restaurant tiles in front of you, you cannot take this action.

Choose one of your Restaurant tiles. Place it faceup on any space of the market that has neither a Stand tile nor a faceup Restaurant tile.

Take 1 Coin for opening a Restaurant. If you place the Restaurant tile on a space with a gray (facedown) Restaurant tile on it, take the gray Restaurant tile, and place it faceup in front of you where everyone can see it.

4. Take 1 Coin Note: If all players take this action consecutively, the game ends immediately and moves to Final Scoring, page 4. In a 2 player game, the game ends if both players must take this action twice consecutively.

Endgame Conditions The end of the game is triggered at the end of a turn when either of the following occurs: 1. Someone places a Stand or a Restaurant, leaving only 4 available spaces in the market. Spaces with gray (facedown) Restaurant tiles count as available. 2. Someone places a Customer tile, leaving only 4 available entrances to the market.

Final Scoring: Each unplaced Restaurant tile you still have costs you 1 coin. The player with the most money at the end of the game wins. In the case of a tie, the tied player with the most Stands in the market wins. If still tied, then settle it by playing a rematch!

This guy can explain how to play this game: