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  1. Play a command card
  2. Order Announce all units you intend to order, within the limits of the command card played.
  3. Move Move ordered units.
  4. Battle Battle one ordered unit at a time. Select target and:
    1. Check range and line of sight
    2. Check potential terrain effects
    3. Resolve battle
  5. Draw a command card


Play one command card at the start of a your turn, then announce which corresponding unit(s) you intend to order.
Units on a hex straddling sections may be ordered from either section.
Only those units that are issued an order may move, battle, or take a special action that turn.


Move units one at a time and only once per unit per turn. Movement for one unit must be completed before moving the next unit.
An ordered unit does not have to move.
Two units cannot occupy the same hex.
Units may not move onto or through a hex occupied by a friendly or enemy unit.
Individual figures of a unit always stay together and move as a group.

  • Infantry - Move up to 1 hex and battle or 2 hexes and not battle. Special Forces (except French Resistance) may move up to 2 hexes and battle.
  • Armor - Move up to 3 hexes and battle.
  • Artillery - Move up to 1 hex or battle.


Resolve battles one at a time and only once per unit per turn. One unit’s battle must be completed before the next battle. An ordered unit does not have to battle.
Casualties do not affect a unit’s battle effectiveness.
A unit attacking an adjacent unit is in close assault.
A unit attacking a unit more than 1 hex away is firing at that unit.
A unit adjacent to an enemy must close assault that unit if it chooses to battle; it cannot fire on a more distant enemy.

Range and hit dice rolled

Infantry 3 2 1
Armor 3 3 3
Artillery 3 3 2 2 1 1

Line of sight

All units require line of sight (LOS) to the enemy except artillery. Draw a line between the centres of the hexes; LOS is blocked if any part of a hex containing an obstruction or unit crosses this line. If the line runs along the edge of one or more hexes it is only blocked if they stand along both sides of the line segment.

Resolving battles

The attacker scores 1 hit for each dice symbol rolled that matches the unit type targeted. For each hit scored 1 figure is removed from the target unit. When the last figure is removed place it on one of the medal stands on the attacker’s side of the board.

  • Infantry (2 sides of dice) - HIT: Score 1 hit on infantry.
  • Armor - HIT: Score 1 hit on armor.
  • Grenade - HIT: Score 1 hit on infantry, armor or artillery.
  • Star - MISS: This is a miss, unless used in a limited number of tactical command cards.
  • Flag - RETREAT: After all hits and casualties have been resolved, for each flag rolled the target unit must move one hex back towards its side of the battlefield.


Terrain has no effect on retreat moves; however impassable terrain cannot be moved through. A unit may not move onto or through a hex with any other unit in it.
If a unit cannot retreat, is forced to retreat off the battlefield, or would be pushed back onto a sea hex, one figure must be removed for each uncompleted retreat move.
Some obstacles allow some units to ignore the first flag rolled against them.


An ordered infantry unit in close assault may advance into a hex from which it has eliminated a unit or forced it to retreat.
An artillery unit may not take ground.
An armor unit may take the ground and claim an armor overrun combat. It may move into the vacated hex and then battle again. If the hex is adjacent to an enemy unit, this new combat must be close assault, otherwise, you may fire at a distant unit.
A unit may take ground again after a successful overrun combat, but may only make one overrun combat per turn.
All battles, close assault and overrun combats must be completed before the next unit may battle.


Use Special Forces badge tokens to indicate which units are Special Forces.
French resistance - Forces start with 3 figures per unit. They may always battle when they penetrate a new terrain type but cannot battle if they move 2 hexes. They may also retreat up to 3 hexes instead of the standard 1 on any retreat flag rolled.
Elite armor - Units start with 4 tank figures.


The terrain help cards summarize the effects of terrain. Soldier and tank icons show modifications to the number of dice rolled when that type of unit is attacking units within the terrain.

Fixed obstacles When an obstacle is on a terrain hex, only the best of the battle dice reductions matters.