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How to play

Marram Classic

Each turn, a player must do the following twice:

  • place a tile; or
  • flip a tile.

Place a tile

When placing a tile, all the features of adjacent tiles must match: grass tufts, sand, orange snakes, blue snakes and worms.

If there are any remaining in their supply, a player may optionally place a welly boot on a feature of the placed tile.

If the tile placement completes a feature, that feature scores for the player with the most welly boots on it. All welly boots from completed features are returned to their respective players.

Flip a tile

A player may only flip a tile if they have at least one remaining shovel in their supply. Flipping a tile expends a shovel from the player's supply.

The player selects a tile with a shovel symbol on it and turns it over in place. If there are any welly boots on the flipped tile itself, they are removed from the game. The tile is then realigned, if necessary, so that its features match with the adjacent tiles. If more than one rotation is possible, the player may choose.

The player may then optionally place a welly boot on a feature on the tile.

Any features completed as a result of the flipping are scored, including those from welly boots just placed. Welly boots from completed features are returned to their owners.


Marram Classic

Completed features
Type of feature Conditions Scoring
Orange snake Must have two ends. 1 point for each end, plus 1 point for each middle segment.
Worm Must have two ends and one saddle. 2 points for each end, 2 points for the saddle, plus 2 point for each middle segment.
Blue snake Must have one head, one tail and at least one middle segment. 3 points for the head, 3 points for the tail, plus 3 points for each middle segment.
Freak beasts Any worm or snake that fails to meet its species criteria 3 points.
Grass tufts (Must be completely surrounded by sand) 5 points per bulge, plus 5 points for each gold coin and 3 points for each silver coin.
Sand mounds (Must be completely surrounded by grass) 5 points per bulge, plus 4 points for each flower.