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Each player is dealt 6 cards.

The object of the game is to get the highest score when someone crosses 40 negative points.


Each turn you may play either the same or one higher than the top card of the discard. With lamas counting as both higher than 6 and less that 1 creating a loop. If you can't play you may draw a card or quit the round. If you are the only one left in the round you may not choose to draw.

End Round Scoring

When one player has played all their cards or all players have quit the round then players hands are scored. Each card is the face value and lamas are worth 10 negative points. You only score one of each rank (for example if you have 5 3's it only counts as 3 negative points). Players take scoring tokens indicating their current score. If a player played all their cards that person may return one scoring token of any value.

End of Game

The game is over when one player obtains 40 negative points. The person with the least amount in scoring tokens is the winner.