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Lady and the Tiger is a collection of five different games with similar contents.


  • At the start of each round, shuffle the 4 door cards together and deal 1 to each player. Each player looks at their card which contains two traits: color (red or blue) and role (lady or tiger).
  • One player is the collector, the other player is the guesser. The collector goes first.
  • On the collector's turn, take 1 card from the 4 displayed and place it face up in front of you. The display will refill to 4 face up cards immediately.
  • If after collecting a card from those displayed you have a set of 4 cards with a matching trait that is shared with one of your identity traits, reveal your identity and earn 6 gems. The round ends.
  • On the guesser's turn, discard a card from the display and refill immediately. Then you may guess one of the traits of the collector's identity (color or role) or you may try to guess both of the collector's identity traits (color and role).
  • The guesser earns 1 gem if they correctly guess 1 trait, but they receive 5 gems if they correctly guess both traits. Be wise in your guess because if you are incorrect, the collector earns 4 gems.
  • The round ends after a guess has been completed, but a guesser may also earn 2 gems for having discarded a set with the collector's cards. The round ends and the guesser receives 3 points if the deck is depleted before the collector can collect a set of 4 cards matching one of their traits.
  • The wild color card counts as both colors and the wild role card counts as both roles.
  • The first player with 10 gems wins.