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You win when you have 3 Victory Points or when you complete a special victory condition.

Rules summary

During each round, players play in turns, clockwise. The player with the Advantage Token starts each round.

When all players have passed, the round ends and the Great Battle takes place.

Great Battle

Add up the military value of all your goblins. The player with the highest total wins the Battle and scores a Victory Point. (In case of a tie during the Battle, the player with the Advantage Token wins.) All armies stay put and the players keep their hands of cards.

Each turn, one action

  • Play a goblin.
  • Mutate a goblin.
  • Spend 1 Activation Token to draw 1 card.
  • Spend 2 Activation Tokens to draw 3 cards.
  • Play an Activation Token onto a goblin to activate its power (maximum 1 Token per card)
  • Pass (a player who passes has no turns until the next Round)


Goblins in a Level are played from left to right in one row. Rows are ordered by ascending level from the bottom to the top.

You can't play more than 5 goblins per row.

Bakutos (level I)

  • A player's first Bakuto is always free.
  • Playing a Bakuto is free if a Bakuto from the same clan is already in play.
  • To play a Bakuto from a new clan, you have to discard 2 cards.

Heroes (level II)

  • No more Heroes than Bakutos.
  • In order to play a Hero, a Bakuto from the same clan must be in your army (Hero does not need to be directly above the Bakuto).

Ōzekis (level III)

  • No more Ōzekis than Heroes.
  • In order to play an Ōzeki, a Hero and a Bakuto from the same clan must be in your army.


If a goblin has a mutation cost (the cog on the left with the yin-yang symbol), then it can be mutated into (replaced by) a goblin from your hand by:

  • Naming the card to mutate.
  • Discarding a number of cards from your hand equal to that card's mutation cost.
  • Naming and set aside the card that comes into play.
  • Discarding the mutated card.
  • Applying any triggered effect.
  • Playing the mutating card.
  • Applying any triggered effect.
  • Resolving the Mutating effect.

(A goblin with a blank mutation cost cannot be mutated.)

A mutated card goes to the discard pile but is not considered "destroyed".

For a Zombie Mutation, the mutating goblin may come from the discard pile.

Goblins powers & details

A card is FREE if it has no cards above it nor to its right.

Trapped card: no power, no value, no clan. It keeps its name and place in the army.

Costs: the card costs (play, mutate, ...) are paid with cards discarded from your hand.

When the draw pile is empty and you have to draw, you shuffle the discard pile and make it the new draw pile.

The bonus mentioned in brackets (+...) apply if any opponent has more victory points.

The discard pile receives the discarded, destroyed and mutated cards. Any player can browse it anytime.

If a player wins their third Victory Point in a Round, they win the game immediately.

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