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The game is played in 12 rounds. In each round players try to roll the highest total without triggering the active "warning" card.


On each round a "warning" card is randomly selected. It describes some combination of dice that is not permitted.

On your turn you must choose some number of dice to roll (always at least 1 die). You may optionally reroll dice twice: after your initial roll you may optionally choose any of the dice to reroll, then again optionally choose any of the dice to reroll. After that your dice roll is final.

The sum of the dice is your score. The dice have sides numbered 1 to 5, with a sixth side showing a gangster face. The gangster face is not a number and counts as 0 score points.

Dice are left on the table after being rolled. At the end of the round the player with the highest score wins the round and keeps all the dice on the table.

If multiple players have the same score, the tie-breaker is how many dice were rolled (more dice beats fewer dice). If multiple players have the same score with the same number of dice, the one who rolled sooner in the round wins.

If you trigger the "warning" card, you lose the round.

If the card is black, your dice are checked once, after you are done rolling; if it triggers you lose the round.

If the card is yellow, your dice are checked after each roll or re-roll. If it triggers you instantly lose the round.

Note that the gangster face does not count as a number. It is never equal to any number or to itself; it is neither even nor odd; and it adds 0 to your score.

If all players trigger the "warning" card, they all lose the round. All dice used remain on the table; in the next round, they will be bonus dice that will be kept by the winner.

Bonus dice

On the last three rounds, there are bonus dice put on the table at the start of the round:

On round 10: 3 bonus dice on the table

On round 11: 6 bonus dice on the table

On round 12: 9 bonus dice on the table

As always, the winner of each round keeps all the dice on the table.

End of Game

If any player ever loses all dice, that player is eliminated.

The winner is the player with the most dice at the end of the 12th round. If there is a tie the players are joint winners.