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• 21 Trumps numbered from 1 to 21

• The Fool

• 14 cards in each color suit, increasing order : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 V C D R

Jack (V) < Knight (C) < Queen (D) < King (R)

Bouts : 1 of Trumps (the Petit), 21 of Trumps and the Fool.

Card points

• Bout: 4 points and a half

• King: 4 points and a half

• Queen: 3 points and a half

• Knight: 2 points and a half

• Jack: 1 point and a half

• Any other card: half a point.

Taker's goal

• 0 Bout : 56 points

• 1 Bout : 51 points

• 2 Bouts: 41 points

• 3 Bouts: 36 points.


• One must follow suit

• One must play a Trump if one cannot follow suit

• If one must play a Trump, one must play an higher Trump than any Trump already played on the trick

• One must play a lower Trump if unable to play an higher

• If one cannot follow suit nor play a Trump, one can play any card

• The Fool can be played anytime, except on the last trick, otherwise it switches sides (exception: Chelem)


• Small: coefficient x 1

• Guard: coefficient x 2

• Guard without the Kitty: coefficient x 4

• Guard against the Kitty: coefficient x 6

For Small and Guard, the Kitty is revealed and the taker integrates it in his/her hand then discards.

Petit au bout

If the Petit is played on the last trick, the team who wins that trick scores the Petit au bout bonus:

• 10 points x coefficient of the bid.


• Simple Poignée, 13 Trumps with three players, 10 Trumps with four players, 8 Trumps with five players, 20 points

• Double Poignée, 15 Trumps with three players, 13 Trumps with four players, 10 Trumps with five players, 30 points

• Triple Poignée, 18 Trumps with three players, 15 Trumps with four players, 13 Trumps with five players, 40 points

The Poignée bonus is won by the team who wins the hand (it not multiplied by the bid coefficient).


That is winning all tricks. Can be announced over the normal bid.

• 400 points if announced and achieved (it not multiplied by the bid coefficient)

• 200 points if silent and achieved

• -200 points if announced but failed

If the team acheving the Slam has the Fool in hand, it can be played on the last trick and it will win it. In this case, the Petit is considered au bout at the penultimate trick.

Misères (variant)

• Misère of Trumps: no Trump nor the Fool, 10 points

• Misère of Honours: no Figure nor Bout, 10 points

The announced Misères are paid immediately to the declarer, whoever wins the hand next.

Goulash (variant)

If everybody pass, it is free-for-all and the goal is to avoid taking points.

At the hand of the hand, each player pays each opponent the points he took.

The play is the same but there is no Petit au bout nor Slam and Poignées cannot be declared.

The Fool remains the property of one who plays it. If it is played on the last tricks, it wins it.

The Kitty is not revealed and is no one property.