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Aim of the game

Gain the most influence


You have a hand of cards dealt from your deck of cards.

Action phase

On your go, you may first take an Action. This must be selected from the cards in your hand.

Role phase

After your action, you then take a Role. You may always select any role, and this will usually give you a card from the role stacks which is added to your deck. When you play a role, its strength can be boosted by also playing the cars in your hand.

Once this is done, every other player may either follow your role or dissent in which case they are dealt one card from their deck into their hand.

Cleanup phase

After you have played a role, you must discard your hand down to your current card limit (starts at 5) or below. If you have less cards than your hand limit you will be dealt new cards from your deck up to your card limit.

Game end

The game ends when a number of role card stacks are depleted (1 stack for 2-3 player game, 2 stacks for 4-5 player game), or the influence token supply is exhausted.

There is an extended 3 player variant which ends when 2 role stacks (which start smaller) are depleted.



Draw 2 cards from your deck to your hand.


Collect 1 fighter token or attack 1 planet (use as many fighters as the planet fighter cost to flip it over).


Place the colonize card on a planet or settle 1 planet (it must have as many colonies as the planet colonize cost to flip it over).


Once you have flipped planets over you may produce/trade on them. Only planets with a resource slot can produce goods.

Add one resource token to an upturned planet of your choice or trade in one reslurce token from a planet and receive an influence token in return.


Remove up to 2 cards from your hand.


When you play a role you may also play cards with that symbol to give more strength to that role.

When you choose a role you also get the leader bonus. The following players just play the normal role.

Survey (with leader bonus)

Look at one planet card per survey symbol played. Choose one planet that will be added face-down to your empire.

Warfare (with leader bonus)

Collect one fighter per warfare symbol played or Attack one planet (in the same way as when done as an action).

Colonize (with leader bonus)

Place as many colonize cards as played on a planet or settle 1 planet (it must have as many colonies as the planet colonize cost to flip it over).

Produce/Trade (with leader bonus)

Choose either Produce or Trade.

Produce - Add one resource token per production symbol played onto empty resource slots on your planets. If the Produce/Trade resource stack is depleted get one extra resource token.

Trade - Remove one resource token per production symbol in resource slots on your planets and get that many influence tokens in return. If the Produce/Trade resource stack is depleted remove one extra resource token.

Research (with leader bonus)

Buy a research card. You must have enough research symbols to afford the cost of the research (3, 5 or 7). If the Research stack is depleted get one extra research symbol.






Planet cards

Research cards