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The objective of the game is to use your companions to fight different monsters. The game consists of 3 delves.

Player's Turn

The adventurer roll all 7 party dices to determine his companions.

Monster Phase

  • Roll a number of dungeon dices equals to the level (up to 10) as the monsters.
  • Set aside all dragons: they cannot be rerolled.
  • The adventurer can use a scroll to reroll any number of party dices and dungeon dices.
  • The adventurer uses his companions to fight monsters. After using, they are moved to the graveyard.
  • The adventurer can use his hero's ability (specialty or ultimate ability).
  • If the monsters are defeated, proceed to the loot phase. Otherwise, the adventurer flees and gain no experience.

Loot Phase

  • A thief or a champion can be used to open any number of chests. Other companions can only open a chest.
  • The adventurer gets a treasure for each opened chest. If there are no treasures left, use an experience as a replacement.
  • Any party dice can be used to quaff any number of potions. A potion can revive a companion with its face choosed by the adventurer.

Dragon Phase

  • If there are 3 or more dragons in the lair, the dragon arrives.
  • A dragon needs 3 different types of companions to be defeated.
  • If the dragon is not defeated, the adventurer flees and gain no experience.
  • If the dragon is defeated, the adventurer gains a treasure and 1 experience.

Regroup Phase

  • The adventurer can choose between retire and seek glory.
  • If the adventurer chooses to retires, he collects the number of experiences as the level. The delve is over.
  • If the adventurer chooses to seek glory, he moves on to the next level with all his remaining active dices. The number of dungeon dices also increases by 1.
  • If the level dice is at 10, the adventurer has cleared the dungeon and must retire.


  • A cleric can defeat a goblin, an ooze or any number of skeletons.
  • A fighter can defeat a skeleton, an ooze or any number of goblins.
  • A mage can defeat a goblin, a skeleton or any number of oozes.
  • A thief can defeat a monster or used to open any number of chests.
  • A champion can defeat any number of a type of monsters or open any number of chests.


They are collected by opening chests and defeating dragons. Each treasure token can be used only once. Unused tokens are worth 1 experience each unless specified.

  • Vorpal Sword: Use as a fighter.
  • Talisman: Use as a cleric.
  • Scepter of Power: Use as a mage.
  • Thieves' Tools: Use as a thief.
  • Scroll: Use as a scroll.
  • Ring of Invisibility: Return all dungeon dices to the active supply, but do not collect any treasures.
  • Dragon Scales: Each pair is worth 2 additional experiences.
  • Elixir: Use as a potion.
  • Dragon Bait: Transform all monsters to dragon faces, and move them to the dragon's lair.
  • Town Portal: Use when unable to defeat monsters or dragons to collect experiences equal to the level. If unused is worth 2 points instead of 1.

Hero Powers

Heros are avatars that represents adventurers. All heros begin the game on its novice side, and is flipped to the master side when 5 experiences is gained. Each hero has a specialty (Use as many times as you like) and ultimate ability (Use once per delve).

Basic Heros

  • Crusader/Paladin: Fighters and clerics used as each other (specialty), used as a fighter or cleric (novice ultimate), discard a treasure to defeat all monsters, open all chests, quaff all potions and discard all dragons (master ultimate)
  • Enchantress/Beguiler: Scrolls used as any companion (specialty), transform a monster to a potion (novice ultimate), transform 2 monsters to a potion (master ultimate)
  • Half-Goblin/Chieftain: Open chests and quaff potions at any time (specialty), transform a goblin to thief (novice ultimate), transform 2 goblins to thieves (master ultimate)
  • Knight/Dragon Slayer: Scrolls become champions (novice specialty), novice + 1 less dice used to defeat a dragon (master specialty), transform all monster to dragons (ultimate)
  • Mercenary/Commander: Reroll any number of dice when forming the party (novice specialty), fighters defeat 1 extra monster (master specialty), defeat up to 2 monsters (novice ultimate), reroll any number of party and dungeon dice (master ultimate)
  • Minstrel/Bard: Thieves and mages used as each other (novice specialty), novice + champions defeat extra monster (master specialty), discard all dragons (ultimate)
  • Occultist/Necromancer: Clerics and mages used as each other (specialty), transform a skeleton to fighter (novice ultimate), transform 2 skeletons to fighters (master ultimate)
  • Spellsword/Battlemage: Fighters and mages used as each other (specialty), used as a fighter or mage (novice ultimate), discard all dices in dragon's lair (master ultimate)

Hero Pack 1

  • Alchemist/Thaumaturge: Chests become potions (specialty), revive a companion (novice ultimate), revive 2 companions (master ultimate)
  • Archaeologist/Tomb Raider: Draw 2 treasure when forming the party and discard 6 treasrues in the end (specialty), draw and discard 2 treasures (novice ultimate), draw 2 treasures and discard 1 (master ultimate)
  • Dwarf/Berkerser: Start with 5 dices and reroll when champion defeats 2+ monsters (specialty), discard 1 monster for each champion and reroll all champions (novice ultimate), revive 4 companions but cannot retire unless defeating a dragon (master ultimate)
  • Leprechaun/Clurichaun: All poisons become chests but all treasures are discarded (specialty), transform 1 monster into a chest (novice ultimate), transform 2 monsters into a chest (master ultimate)
  • Scout/Dungeoneer: Assign dungeon dices to level 1-3 (specialty), reduce 1 level and retire immediately (novice ultimate), retire immediately (master ultimate)
  • Sorceress/Drake Kin: Discard all dragons when more than 3 (specialty), discard 1 monster for each dragon (novice ultimate), discard 1 type of monster for each dragon (master ultimate)
  • Tracker/Ranger: Reroll 1 goblin once per level (specialty), discard 1 monster of any type (novice ultimate), discard 1 monster of each type (master ultimate)
  • Viking/Undead Viking: Take 5 champions instead of rolling (novice specialty), novice + all skeletons becomes potions (master specialty), discard all dragon dices (ultimate)


  • Guild Leader/Guild Master: Start with 8 dices (specialty), set 1 party/dungeon dice (novice ultimate), set 1 party and dungeon dice (master ultimate)
  • Time Traveller/Time Lady: Set 1 dice of each type and 1 champion (specialty), discard 1 treasure to defeat a dragon (novice ultimate), discard 1 treasure or scroll to defeat a dragon (master ultimate)

End of Game

The game ends after each player has had 3 delves. The player with the highest total experience is the winner! In the case of a tie, the tied player with the fewest treasure tokens is the winner. If still tied, the tied players rejoice in a shared victory.

When playing with solo mode. Play three rounds with the normal rules and go for the best score. Ranking of scores is as follows:

Points Title
0-15 Dragon fodder
16-23 Village Hero
24-29 Seasoned Explorer
30-34 Champion
35+ Hero of Ages