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The rules ( leave space for interpretation on some fine points of the game. Choices made for the BGA implementation are the following: - you can kill your own pieces, except the leader (sometimes sacrifice is necessary); - the Reporter has the choice not to kill (the Press is not above making some arrangements with political parties); - a Chief is eliminated if fully entrapped by corpses with no Necromobile left in play; - the master move of the Diplomat is available (removing a Chief from the Maze, then replacing him/her by another Chief when leaving the Maze); - the master move of the Assassin is available (killing a Chief in power, then killing another Chief when leaving the Maze and setting up his/her corpse in the Maze as a puppet regime!)


Illustrations for the "Whimsy" theme (see game preferences) have been created by Reno (, Boulet ( and Lucie Albon (