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Be the first to collect three sugar cubes by guessing three of the guests’ names. The first player to do so is the winner.


All of the dinosaurs at the party have certain traits shown on the bottom of their tiles and on their cards. The traits are: In a GREEN, PURPLE, or ORANGE room. STRIPED or SPOTTED skin (or neither). EATING or DRINKING (or neither). Wearing GLASSES, a FLOWER, a HAT, and/or JEWELRY. With a PET. Showing SPIKES, a TAIL, or TEETH.

Game play

On your turn, either inquire about a guest or guess their name.


1. Politely ask another guest if they have a certain trait. Example: “Hello, luv. Wonderful party, isn’t it? Are you, perchance, wearing a hat?”

2. Your chosen guest will answer YES or NO. Example: “Oh, heavens no, I don’t have the face for a hat.” The guest takes that trait token from their pile and puts it in front of them, showing the YES or NO side.

3. If the guest answers yes, you get another turn! You may inquire or guess the name of the same guest or a different guest. If the guest answers is no, your turn is over.

Guess the Name

1. Ask the guest’s name. Example: “We lunched at Dalton’s last fall, didn’t we? Your name is Yorick?” They must answer YES or NO honestly (even if they have a quirk).

2. If your guess was incorrect, your turn is over. Try not to be too embarrassed about your faux pas.

3. If your guess was correct, take a sugar cube from the pile! If you have three sugar cubes, you win the game! Otherwise, the other player discards their dinosaur card, turns the matching dinosaur tile face down, removes all trait tokens in front of them, and draws a new dinosaur card. They now play the new dinosaur. Your turn is over.


Beware: some dinosaurs have quirks that might cause them to give false answers! Dinosaurs with quirks always answer the way their quirk says when someone inquires about a trait. (The quirks do NOT apply when someone guesses their name.)

-"Always says NO" Always answer NO when a player inquires if you have a trait, even if the correct answer is yes.

-"Always lies": Always answer falsely when another player asks if you have a trait. If your answer would normally be YES, you must answer NO, and vice versa.

-"Switches answers": Answer either YES or NO to the first question asked to you, no matter what the correct answer is. After that, always answer opposite what your prior answer was. Example: “Yes, no, yes, no, etc.”