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Secure as many diamond collections as you can in your safe!

A collection is a set of three diamonds of the same color, or more (up to five). Each color has a matching 'quality' digit ranging from 1 to 10.

Collections are worth more or less depending upon the diamond color and the number of diamonds (be careful to check the collection values, the most valuable diamond is '7', not '10').

Bonus points will be earned at the end of the round :

  • for the player with the most diamonds of exceptional purity (magnifying glass symbol) in their safe (5 bonus points, 2 points in case of a tie)
  • and for the player whose digits for the diamonds still in hand sum up to the biggest value (3 bonus points, tie or no tie).

On each round, you'll earn victory chips based on the points earned collecting diamonds (the 1st player gets 4 chips, the 2nd gets 3 chips and so on).

The player with the most victory chips at the end of three rounds wins! (in case of a tie, it's the player who won the 2nd round who will get the victory)

Rules summary

On your turn, you must first choose between two 'draw actions' (phase 1):

  • Draw one card and put it in your hand
  • Draw two cards and put them on the market.

Then you will have to choose between two 'play actions' (phase 2):

  • Select one of your cards and go to the market with it. Once on the market, you can:
    • Take all cards of the same color as the one you went to the market with (including it)
    • Take a selection of cards whose digits sum up to the digit of the card you went to the market with
    • Or come back empty-handed...
  • Select cards in your hand and secure them into your safe. In order to be valid, your selection:
    • Must contain at least one collection (three diamonds of the same color)
    • Can contain diamonds matching a collection already present in your safe (in order to expand the collection)

At the end of your turn, if you have more than 5 cards in your hand, you will have to discard some to keep only 5.

Special cards

Three special cards give you the power to play tricks on your opponents instead of playing phase 2.

Each of these cards can be used either with the 'Compulsory sale' power that they all share, or with their other (and unique) power. Power effects are as follows:

Compulsory sale enables you to get all diamonds of a quality that you have in your hand from the market after forcing an opponent to put all their diamonds of this quality on the market (but be careful! If they don't have any, you will lose yours!)

Secur`express enables you to secure diamonds of one quality already present in your safe

Safe drilling enables you to get a diamond of a given quality and purity, straight from the safe of an opponent (but of course, if your opponent doesn't have any diamond of this kind, drilling will fail!)

Sleight of hand enables you to take any diamond you want from the market, just like that!

Available variants

Game length: the 'Standard' game is played in 3 rounds. The 'Quick game' variant makes it possible to play a game in just one round when you are in a hurry to get lots of pretty diamonds to pay back your Can't stop gambling debts!

Closing card: in the 'Standard' game, the closing card is randomly shuffled among the last 15 cards at 2/3 players, and among the last 5 cards at 4/5 players. With the 'Deterministic' variant, the closing card is the last one, so you can try to outthink your opponents till the very end!

Have a good game!