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Crazy Farmers Rules in a nutshell


The player with the largest field at the end of the game wins (23 common parcels for 2P in Fast mode, 9/8 parcels each for 3/4P in Fast mode)


  • 3 moves per turn
  • 4 fences or more a the beginning of the turn => +1 extra move
  • Moves are mandatory but backward move is possible
  • 5 moves max per turn

Take over

  • Surround parcels to add them to your field (The fence must connect two points of your field)
  • Take bonus cards in the barns (1 for a free barn, 2 for an opponent's barn)


  • When you touch the fence of an opponent, it's cut and totally disappears
  • The 2 fences behind your tractor are protected and cannot be crossed
  • When you are cut, you cannot cut others or draw new fences before connecting back to your field.


  • You can play bonus cards during your turn
  • 6 cards max in hand at the end of the turn

End of the game

  • The game ends immediately when a given number of parcels is reached:
    • 2 players: 23/27/31 common parcels (Fast/Regular/Expert)
    • 3 players: 9/11/13 own parcels (Fast/Regular/Expert)
    • 4 players: 8/9/11 own parcels (Fast/Regular/Expert)

The score is the number of parcels in the main field (non transparent parcels)

In case of draw game, fallow lands are used for tie break (transparent parcels)