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Players take turns adding dice of their own color to the board, one die per turn. A newly placed die must show a one, unless its a capturing placement, in which case it must show a two or higher.

If a die is placed horizontally or vertically adjacent to two dice, and the sum of the pip counts - number of spots on the top surface of a die - on those two adjacent dice is six or less, then the currently played die must show the pip sum of its two adjacent dice, and the player must remove those two adjacent dice from the board immediately, while it is still their turn.

If a die is placed adjacent to three or four dice, and if two, three, or four of its adjacent dice have a pip sum of six or less, then two, three, or four of those adjacent dice (whose pip sum is six or less) must be removed, and the played die must show the pip sum of the removed dice.

Captures are mandatory only when placing a die onto a square from which captures are possible.

A player can make a non-capturing placement simply by adding a die to a square from which no captures are possible. A non-capturing placement must show a single pip.