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  • The first player gets 3 turmeric, the second and third player get 4 turmeric, the fourth and fifth get 3 turmeric and a saffron.
  • Draw 5 cards from the point deck. Place gold coins equal to two times the number of players on the leftmost point card and the same number of silver coins on the second point card.
  • Each player gets a 'collect 2 turmeric' and an 'upgrade 2' card as starting hand. Draw 6 cards from the rest of the merchant cards.


  • On your turn, you can either play, rest or buy.
  • If you play a card from your hand, either collect the spices indicated, upgrade the levels indicated or trade accordingly any number of times.
  • If you rest, take back all the merchant cards played by you.
  • If you buy a merchant card, put a spice on each card of its left and claim any spices on the bought card.
  • If you buy a point card, pay the spices indicated and take it. You also claim a coin on it, if it has any coins.
  • You can only have at most 10 spices at the end of your turn, and must discard any excess.

The spice ranks from low to high are:

Turmeric ➔ Saffron ➔ Cardamom ➔ Cinnamon

End of Game

  • When a player buys their 5th point card (or 6th in a 2 to 3 player game) the game will end at the end of the round.
  • Players score points on their point cards, 3 points for each gold coin, 1 point for each silver coin and 1 point for each spice higher than turmeric (yellow).
  • The player with the most points wins. If there is a tie, the player who takes the last turn wins.


  • Golem Edition: Players can also play with the golem edition. In that case, the crystal ranks from low to high is yellow, green, blue and pink.