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Dice equal to the number of players +1 are rolled each turn. Each player takes one die, and the die not chosen is used by all players.

Players use one die's value to choose a spot on a cat tower column. The other die's value is used to place one of the six items. Footprints at the track to the right allow players to change die values. Multiple footprints can be used on a single die, but a 6 cannot be changed into a 1 nor a 1 into a 6.

When a column is completed for the first time in the game, the player will receive the larger number indicated at the top if they have a cat house symbol in that column. Otherwise that player and all other players will receive the smaller value when a column is completed.

You can pass your turn to circle three footprints on the track at the right.


The game ends when a player completes three columns and all players have had an equal number of turns.

Scoring and Item Effects

  • 1 Cat house: After placing a cat house on your sheet, choose a cat that has not yet been scored. Immediately score 2 points for each item on your sheet matching the chosen cat's favourite item. If all your cats have already been chosen, you may not place more cat houses.
  • 2 Ball of yarn: At the end of the game, players will count the number of balls of yarn in each column. Players with the most in each column will get 8 points. If a player doesn’t have the most but still has at least one ball of yarn they will score 3 points for that column. If players tie for the most balls of yarn in a column, they will each get 8 points.
  • 3 Butterfly toy: Immediately circle two unmarked footprints. At the end of the game, players will score 3 points for each butterfly.
  • 4 Food bowl: At the end of the game, players will score 1 point for each different item adjacent to a food bowl.
  • 5 Cushion: At the end of the game, each cushion will score points equal to the floor number it is on. For example, a cushion at height 5 will score 5 points.
  • 6 Mouse toy: At the end of the game, players will receive 2/6/12/20 points according to each group of mouse toys adjacent to one another. Multiple groups can be scored.