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  1. Place 1 worker tile from your hand of 3 tiles. May rotate freely, but may not place next to another worker tile. Note: Once the draw pile and display of jungle tiles are empty, you may choose to spend 1 sun token per turn to overbuild one of your own worker tiles instead. Each worker tile spot may only be overbuilt once.
  2. For each open spot with 2 adjacent worker tiles: place 1 jungle tile from the face-up display.
  3. Activate workers at each shared edge between newly placed tiles (jungle or worker) and their adjacent tiles. For each worker (even those belonging to other players), perform the action on the adjacent tile once.
  4. Draw 1 worker tile to your hand, if possible.
  5. Refill jungle tile display, if possible.

GAME END: when all players have placed their last worker tile.


  1. 1 point for each gold
  2. For each temple: the player with the most adjacent workers receives 6 gold, and the player with the second-most adjacent workers receives 3 gold.
  3. 1 point for each sun token
  4. Points shown on your water fields

Tiebreaker: most cacao fruit remaining


Plantations - Take the indicated cacao per worker, up to your maximum of 5. (8 total tiles: 6 single, 2 double)

Markets - Sell 1 cacao per worker at the indicated price. (7 total tiles: 2x$2, 4x$3, 1x$4)

Gold Mines - Take the indicated gold per worker. (3 total tiles: 2x$1 1x$2)

Water - Move your water carrier clockwise one space per worker. (3 total tiles)

Sun Worshiping Sites - Take 1 sun token per worker, up to your maximum of 3. These can be spent to overbuild your own worker tiles late in the game, or are worth 1 point at game end. (2 total tiles)

Temples - No immediate effect. At game end, the player with the most adjacent workers receives 6 gold, and 2nd most receives 3 gold. If tied for first place, divide 6 gold between the tied players and do not award 2nd place. If tied for second place, divide 3 gold among the tied players, rounding down. If only one player is at the temple, they earn 6 gold and no one receives second place. (5 total tiles)

Note: Some tiles are removed in a 2 player game.