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Setup: Each player owns one half of the board consisting of 2 rows with 8 bowls each. Each bowl takes two stones. The first row is the one next to the opponent’s bowls.

Move selection: A player selects one of their bowls containing at least two stones for starting their move. Then they select one of the neighbor fields to determine the direction of the move. The move can be canceled by selecting the same field again.

Move execution: All stones from the selected bowls are taken and then starting with the selected neighbor field, they move around the player’s two rows in a circle, leaving one stone in each bowl. When the last stone is put into its bowl, the move either stops if it was empty before, or continues in the same way, by emptying the respective bowl and move further in the same direction, leaving stones in each bowl. If the latter happens with a bowl in the player’s first row and the opponent has stones in the directly adjacent bowl, they are taken as well for the move.

End of game: A player has lost if their first row is empty, or they have no bowls left with more than 1 stone.