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SETUP: • Roll dice and arrange them by color. • Shuffle the bird cards and deal 3 face-up. • Give each player a scoring cube and place it next to the scoring cards.

DRAFTING PHASE: The first player performs all 5 then the second player only does 1-4: 1) Select one of the 3 face-up birds. 2) Perform all of the actions listed. 3) Score the bird. 4) Place the bird in your Bandada. 5) Replace the bird with a new card.

CLEAN-UP PHASE: 1) Score all birds in both players' Bandada. 2) Discard the remaining two bird cards. 3) Add 3 new bird cards from the deck. 4) Switch the first player and start the next round.

GAME END: At the end of the 4th round, the player with the most points wins!