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Apocalypse at Zoo of Carson City For 2 to 4 players.

Game cards Each player has 4 player cards available, numbered 3 to 6. 50 zoo cards are arranged on the game board according to a 5x5 grid with two cards on each position. The 50 cards are distributed as follows: - 10 cards of value 0; - 10 value cards 1; - 10 value cards 2; - 10 value cards 3; - 10 value cards 4. Among these cards 4 mutant cards are hidden, exactly one for value from 0 to 3 (therefore the cards of value 4 do not have hidden mutant cards).

Actions Each player, in his turn, can perform only one action between two: - place one of your cards on the grid: in so doing, capture the zoo card in the chosen position (in the upper part, if there are two). A new card cannot be placed on a player card, whether it is active or "changed". - move one of your cards on the grid: the possible movements are vertical (up or down) and horizontal (right and left), never diagonally; as for the positioning, the move card allows to capture the zoo card present higher up in the chosen position. Through this action, it is also possible to capture an opposing player's card of value equal to or less than one's own (thus, a value 5 card can capture other cards with a value of 3, 4 or 5 but not of value 6). It goes without saying that if there is an empty space in the grid (because both cards of that position have been captured), no player card can move into that space. NB: it is possible to capture zoo cards even if they have a value higher than their player card: the question of value only applies when two active player cards are faced.

Mutants If a player captures a mutant card, he loses his player card, which is turned over and becomes a capture card like any other. As with other zoo cards, these can also be captured from any active card, regardless of value.

End of the game The game ends when a player can no longer make moves: either because he has lost all his cards, or because his active cards can no longer make moves. At that point, each player adds up the values ​​of his cards still active with the values ​​of the cards (zoo and player) captured during the game: the one with the most points wins.

在卡森市動物園的啟示錄 適合2到4名玩家。

遊戲卡 每位玩家有4張牌手牌,編號為3到6。 根據5x5網格在遊戲板上安排50張動物園卡片,每個位置有兩張卡片。 50張卡分發如下:

-  10張價值為0的牌;
-  10張價值卡1;
-  10張價值卡2;
-  10張價值卡3;
-  10張價值卡4。


行動 反過來,每個玩家只能在兩個玩家之間執行一個動作:

- 將您的一張牌放在網格上:這樣做,將動物園卡片捕捉到所選位置(如果有兩張,則在上部捕捉)。無論是活動還是“更改”,都不能將新卡放在播放器卡上。
- 在網格上移動您的一張牌:可能的移動是垂直(向上或向下)和水平(向右和向左),從不對角線;至於定位,移動卡允許捕獲存在於所選位置的較高位置的動物園卡。通過這個動作,還可以捕獲相反的玩家的價值等於或小於一個人的牌(因此,5的價值卡可以捕獲價值3,4或5但不是價值6的其他牌)。

不言而喻,如果網格中存在空白區域(因為已經捕獲了該位置的兩張牌),則沒有玩家卡可以移動到該空間中。 注意:有可能捕獲動物園卡片,即使它們的價值高於其玩家卡片:價值問題僅適用於面對兩張活躍的玩家卡片時。

突變體 如果玩家捕獲突變卡,他就會丟失他的玩家卡,該卡被翻過來並成為任何其他卡。與其他動物園卡一樣,這些卡也可以從任何有效卡中捕獲,無論其價值如何。

比賽結束 當玩家不能再移動時,遊戲結束:要么是因為他丟失了所有牌,要么是因為他的活動牌不能再移動了。 在這一點上,每個玩家將他的牌的價值加起來與遊戲中捕獲的牌(動物園和玩家)的價值相乘:得分最多的牌。