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Don't forget to add "ebg/counter" as a dependency:

   // in you game js
   "ebg/counter"    /// <==== HERE],


Useful for updating game counters in the player panel (such as resources).
The 'counters' arg is an associative array [counter_name_value => [ 'counter_name' => counter_name_value, 'counter_value' => counter_value_value], ... ]
All counters must be referenced in this.gamedatas.counters and will be updated. Therefore if you add a counter during the game, you need to update the counters like that (through a notification management for example):
         this.gamedatas.counters['hammercount_p' + notif.args.player_id] = {'counter_name': 'hammercount_p' + notif.args.player_id, 'counter_value' : '0'};
DOM objects referenced by 'counter_name' will have their innerHTML updated with 'counter_value'.

Players panels

Adding stuff to player's panel

At first, create a new "JS template" string in your template (tpl) file:

(from Gomoku example)

var jstpl_player_board = '\<div class="cp_board">\
    <div id="stoneicon_p${id}" class="gmk_stoneicon gmk_stoneicon_${color}"></div><span id="stonecount_p${id}">0</span>\

Then, you add this piece of code in your JS file to add this template to each player panel:

            // Setting up player boards
            for( var player_id in gamedatas.players )
                var player = gamedatas.players[player_id];
                // Setting up players boards if needed
                var player_board_div = $('player_board_'+player_id);
       this.format_block('jstpl_player_board', player ), player_board_div );

(Note: the code above is of course from your "setup" function in your Javascript).

Very often, you have to distinguish current player and others players. In this case, you just have to create another JS template (ex: jstpl_otherplayer_board) and use it when "player_id" is different than "this.player_id".