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User names

"Tisaac Human Expert" -> Tisaac

"VictoriaLia" -> VictoriaLa

A non-dojo JS approach

Dojo is old and kinda bad. This approach lets you avoid Dojo and this and allows more modern JS.

window.X = {}; // X = your game, or you can use something more generic


setup: function (gameData) { // this cannot be an arrow function due to dojo
   X = Object.assign(this, X);
   // the rest of your setup goes here
X = Object.assign(X, {

  myFunction: (arg1, arg2) => {
    return arg1 + arg2;

  someFunction: (x) => _('The answer is: ') + x,

Notes on this approach:

  • Aside from setup and any framework-override functions, you should be using arrow functions
  • Always use X instead of this
  • As usual, you can use any number of modules this way