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Tips tichu

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Use the strategy guide from here

Passing cards

  • Even right, odd left, third best single card to your partner.
  • Or: See the tips below and pass either the third worst card or the best card to your partner. And pass even to behind and odd to before (since the order of play can be either clockwise or counter-clockwise)
  • Pass the Dragon to your partner if you are unlikely to make a Tichu bet.

Using the 1

  • When using the 1 you can choose not to ask for a card using the empty set symbol Ø. This may be a good idea when you play a straight for example.
  • Also for use of the 1; you may like to ask for the card you gave the player next to you.
  • If the player behind you has called a Grand Tichu you may like to ask for an Ace.
  • If behind in points you can ask for a 6 or a 10 to create more chaos.

General play

  • Remember what cards have already been played; especially the aces, dragon, and phoenix.

All special cards: Dragon, Phoenix, Dog and 1

  • Keep them all within team.