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Tips sushigoparty

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Highest points per card

4.5 points

  • x1 Nigiri Squid on x1 Wasabi

4 points

  • x2 Urakamaki 5 icons if 1st place
  • x4 set of Onigiri unique shapes
  • x1 Fruit with 2 fruit types (without any fruit at all)
  • x1 Tea and x4 set of 4 of anything
  • x1 Soy Sauce most (not tied) colors. May score multiple.

3.5 points

  • x2 set of EEL May not score multiple sets

3.3 points

  • x3 set of Sashimi

3 points

  • x2 set of Tofu
  • x1 Fruit with 1 fruit type (without any fruit at all)
  • x3 set of Onigiri unique shapes
  • x4 set of Green Tea Ice Cream
  • x1 Miso Soup (can be guaranteed with Chopsticks, Spoon or Menu)
  • x1 Nigiri Salmon on x1 Wasabi
  • x1 Nigiri Squid
  • x5 set of 5 Dumpling
  • x1 Tea and x3 set of 3 of anything

2.5 points

  • x4 set of 4 Dumpling
  • x2 set of Tempura
  • x2 Urakamaki 5 icons if 2nd place

2 points

  • x1 flipped over cards with Takeout Box


  • Spoon and Chopsticks if taken 2nd to last round won't be able to get rid of so 0 points.
  • Spoon and Chopsticks last round won't be able to use.
  • 4pts x3+ Temaki most is tough but just try not to get -4pts least
  • 4+ players games Edamame possibly can be 3 points or more each
  • Special Order good to copy Green Tea Ice Cream, Miso Soup, Fruit, EEL, Pudding, Uramaki 5 icons,
  • Pay attention to who your cards are passed to, which is displayed in the log. With Pass Both Ways Round 2 it switches.
  • Last turn in round give next player Tofu if they have 2 Tofu already to give them 0 points.
  • Deny EEL even if you have 2 already to give next player -3 points.
  • Spoon can help you with that missing EEL, Sashimi or more Desserts.
  • Takeout Menu flip over cards to 2 points each such as:
  • x3 Tofu 0 points to 6 points, 1 EEL -3 points to 2 points, 1 Tempura 0 points to 2 points and 2 Sashimi 0 points to 4 points.
  • Uramaki can still score if no one placed 2nd or 3rd for instance. Not always a race.
  • Fruit card is worth minimum 2pts and maximum 8 points.
  • Fruit 2 type card 8 points if both fruit types are the 5th type.
  • Fruit same type card 7 points if 4th and 5th type.