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Tips pingimus

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For the rules of pingimus, see GameHelpPingimus


  • Try and play from a device with a mouse if possible.
    • It isn't as responsive to touch screen drawing.
  • Remember you have (usually) 60 seconds from when you start drawing in Turn-Based so it isn't a bad idea to think what you want to draw before you start!
    • Or even Google images.


  • If you vote to combine answers, vote against the combined answer, since you are giving a point to everyone you combined together.
  • There are two ways of scoring Pingimus, only one of which gets you points for correct guesses.
    • Keep that in mind when starting up a game--and when voting.
Have fun!

If you are not having fun..

  • Remember it is just a silly game.
  • Think of playing the game as just an experiment to see what it's like.
  • Put it in perspective:
    • Tomorrow is a new day :)