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Tips nothanks

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For the rules of no thanks, see GameHelpNoThanks


  • It's not possible to win without taking cards (unless you have a very cooperative opponent!), so the trick is to be judicious about what you take.
    • Getting a high-value card isn't the end of the game for you: if you can take most of the chips in the process, you can still come out ahead.
  • You usually don't want to simply pick up a card with no chips on it.
    • Your opponents generally don't want the cards you want, so it's worthwhile to send a high-value card around a couple times before you pick it up, even if the card would be part of a run for you.
    • Of course, if it would also benefit an opponent, make sure you take it first!
  • Try to keep a rough idea of how many chips your opponents have.
    • Don't get so greedy for chips that you accidentally force an opponent to take a card you really need!