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Tips meadow

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For the rules of meadow, see GamehelpMeadow


  • Because your opponent can only place 2 stones each turn, she can't smother any group touching at least 3 empty spaces.
    • So ensure your most important groups always touch least three empty spaces.
  • It's possible to create situations where a group has 3 or more empty spaces your opponent can't ever fill.
    • This makes the group un-smother-able, a big advantage.
    • The methods for achieving this are complicated and still poorly understood, but be on the lookout for opportunities to do this.
  • The board consists of concentric rings of hexagons.
    • The the second-outermost ring is important, because groups with lots of stones on that ring are hard to capture without losing a lot of stones in the process.
    • Therefore, in the game's opening phase, place most of your stones on that ring.
  • When you make a size-5 group, it can no longer evolve, which reduces your flexibility.
    • Don't make a size-5 group unless what you gain from it is more valuable than the lost flexibility.
  • If your opponent has two size-5 groups of different colours that both touch the same empty space, she can't place a stone there without overgrowing and losing one of her groups.
    • Therefore, if one of your groups is adjacent to that same space, your opponent can't smother it without overgrowing, giving you an advantage.
    • Such empty spaces are called strong liberties.
    • Try to force your opponent to make strong liberties for you, and avoid making strong liberties for them.
  • The size-4 pinwheel shape seems powerful.
    • Try building it often.