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Tips clashofdecks

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The game

Clash of Decks can be a bit puzzley. Take some time to calculate what will happen when you play your cards.

Make sure you know the cards and the symbols. Many games are lost by forgetting about the effect of certain powers (symbols), such as casting an incantation on an indestructible creature.

Destroy the opponents Fort, not just their creatures. Do not be afraid to take damage to your Fort/Outpost.

It is good strategy to ignore a lane in which the opponent has creatures that do little damage. You may in fact try to trap some low damage dealing creatures in a lane.

If you must destroy creatures in the second lane, see if you can do it after destroying the Outpost via the first lane.

Lastly note that by playing card to the left of you Fort, since they return to the right, your Fort regenerates. By that same mechanic it is sometimes good not to play a card from the right of your Fort.

Some other tips:

  • Because of a bug you can only play one incantation at a time, so also just one at the end of your turn.

The draw

There are 28 cards of which 16 will show up in a draw.

A probably complete list of cards:

Aberration Abomination Alpha Assassin Brute Carapace Gnome Grrr Lieutenant Machine Martyr Microctopus Mutant Ogre Parasite Partisan Reptile Revenant Scribe Shaman Troll Vortex Zombie

Annihilation Boom! Combustion Cyclone Meteorite

Good cards:

  1. Vortex
  2. Martyr
  3. Brute
  4. Boom!
  5. Annihilation
  6. Troll
  7. Ogre
  8. Carapace
  9. Aberration
  10. Shaman
  11. Parasite

Bad cards:

  1. Cyclone

Combos to try to get:

  • Parasite with Vortex
  • Shaman with some of: Abomination, Alpha, Microctopus, Ogre, Revenant, Zombie
  • Troll with Boom!
  • Multiple cards with sprint such as: Assassin, Mutant, Reptile