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Tips chakra

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- Try not to have more than 3 inspiration tokens tied up in the notches on the right of your board unless, of course, you are about to harmonize one of your Chakras.

- Placing energy directly in a Chakra is always more efficient than moving it down from top. Therefore, try to have about 3 inspiration tokens tied up; preferably those you intend to harmonize soon.

- Don't discount the black energies, in a game when a good player scores in the 20s, every point counts. Therefore, placing black energies towards the bottom with inspiration tokens is beneficial. But moving them from the very top to the bottom is not; gather them in Chakras you don't plan on harmonizing instead.

- When taking energies, place them to allow yourself to have both upward and downward movements, that will allow you more movement options before you have to meditate. But this is only relevant while you have many inspiration tokens available.

- Your movement downwards is more efficient (total of 3 down) compared to your movement upwards (total of 2 up). Keep this in mind when placing energy.

- Having too many colors on the board might not be beneficial.