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Tips bids

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Define your strategy at the start of each round:
Base game:
- if you have high cards, typically it is interesting to score as many as points in the beginning of the round before the 2x comes out, because it only doubles what you already won before
- if you have low cards, go for the lucky loser points and try to burn the people who go for points as much as possible. Be aware of burning low cards, because you will need to start the next turn.
Color Bids:

  • - here it is more important not to start bidding in a turn because you will probably never win. If you cannot win, at least make sure that the points are divided among the other competitors.

Ally card:
- if you want to 'work together' with another player and play the card in the beginning of the round or keep the card until you know who has a lot of points and try to 'free ride' on this player's success.
Lowest card:
- throw away your average cards such that you keep the extremes.