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Tips abandonallartichokes

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There are 2 broad strategies in Abandon All Artichokes: remove all artichokes from your deck, or have such a large deck that you have good odds of drawing a hand with no artichokes.

Good early game cards:

  • Carrot - composts 2 artichokes, with no opportunity cost since you have no other cards to play
  • Potato - good odds of finding an artichoke to compost in the first rounds
  • Broccoli - likely to have at least 3 artichokes in hand
  • Eggplant - compost an artichoke, though the passing probably won't have an effect
  • Beet - random card from hand is almost certainly an artichoke to be traded or composted

Good late game cards:

  • Leek - steal non-artichokes from opponents
  • Eggplant - if you have at least 3 artichokes in hand, lets you compost one and pass the other two. If you're lucky, they might not have enough artichokes in hand to pass you 2
  • Pepper - stack your deck so you're more likely to draw non-artichokes. Can also put an artichoke there for Potato to compost
  • Beet - play the Beet when you only have artichokes left in your hand so the artichoke is randomly selected for trade/compost. Maybe you'll get something useful from an opponent!

Good no artichokes strategy cards:

  • Carrot - compost 2 artichokes
  • Onion - compost an artichoke
  • Eggplant - compost an artichoke

Good big deck strategy cards:

  • Corn - get extra cards into your deck. Disadvantage: have to hold on to an artichoke to play
  • Peas - get extra cards into your deck: Disadvantage: gives to your opponents
  • Pepper - stack your deck so you're more likely to draw non-artichokes


  • Opponent has no deck or discards - if opponent has 5 cards or fewer, play Onion or Peas and give them a card, then play Leek to take it right back (and play it yourself)
  • Corn + Pepper + Potato - to guarantee success for a Potato, play Corn to put a fresh artichoke in the discards, then play Pepper to put that artichoke on top of the deck.