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Be the first player to get rid of all of your dice.


  • Each player starts with the same number of dice (default 4) and 3 cards.
  • On your turn, roll all your dice. Draw 1 card for each card symbol rolled and give all dices with the dice symbol to players of your choice.
  • Then, play a card with at most the number of wasabi symbols rolled. Apply its effect. It is not compulsory to play a card each turn.

End of the Game

  • The first player to have 0 dice left wins the game.

Cards List (with Cost)

  • Miss a turn (0): Choose a player. When it is supposed to be their next turn, skip it and discard this card.
  • Reverse: (0): Gain another turn and reverse the game direction.
  • Draw (1): Draw 3 cards from the draw pile.
  • Hand limit 1 (1): Choose an opponent to discard his hand down to 1.
  • Lose a dice (1): Withdraw 1 of your dices from the game. This card cannot be played if 2 dices is given by you this round.
  • Steal a card (1): Steal a random card from an opponent's hand. If not possible, draw 1 from the deck.
  • Exchange (2): Exchange all your cards with an opponent of your choice.
  • Hand limit 2 (2): All opponents must discard their hand down to 2.
  • Pass cards (2): Choose a direction. Each player (include you) passes all their cards to the player on his left or right.
  • Pass dices (2): Choose a direction. Each player (include you) passes all their dices to the player on his left or right.
  • Exchange dices (3): Exchange all your dices with the opponent of your choice.
  • Lose 2 dices (3): Withdraw 2 of your dices from the game.