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The more meerkats (and their points) you collected, the better. But be careful for the vultures!


  • Each player takes a set of 1-15 cards.
  • Shuffle the 15 point cards (vultures and meerkats) and put them face down.


  • The game consists of 15 rounds.
  • In each round, first turn over a point card.
  • Each player choose a card to play, face down. Then everyone reveal their cards at once.
  • All ties are ignored, then if the card (or the sum) is a meerkat it goes to the highest player, lowest if vulture.
  • If there are only ties, nobody gets it. It will be bided with the next card.
  • All players set aside the cards they played in their discard piles. Any player can consult any discard pile at any time.
  • Meerkat values 1 to 10
  • Vulture values -1 to -5

End of Game

  • After 15 rounds, the game ends. All remaining point cards in the middle are discarded.
  • All players add up their scores. Meerkats are positively scored while vultures are negatively scored.
  • The player with the highest score wins.



  • Basic rules: If there is a tie, all tied players lose and the player with the next untied score wins.
  • Meerkat tiebreaker: If there is a tie, the tied player with the highest-valued meerkat card wins.

Discard Pile

  • Discard visible: You can see the discard piles of each player.
  • Last card visible: You can see the last card played by each player.