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  • -3 City cards
  • -5 "5" cards
  • -6 "6" cards
  • -7 "7" cards
  • -8 "8" cards
  • -7 plus points cards
  • -9 minus points cards


45 cards are shuffled and 3 removed from the game at random. 5 cards are dealt to each player as a starting hand, and 2 cards face up to the table row.


Have the highest score from Influence cards after 4 rounds or collect 3 City cards for an Instant Win.

Each turn

On your turn you must either:

  • - Play a card from your hand (if you have any left) to the end of the row.


  • - Take five cards from the right hand end of the row. You may only choose the take action once per round. Cards taken will count for scoring. (If there are fewer than five cards in the row, you take all of them.)


Rounds end after 6 turns, when each player's hand will have become empty and each player will have taken their draw action.

Players are dealt new hands of 5 cards, and the starting player is passed on for the next round. The row of cards remains as it was.

After the fourth round, the game ends.


If a player ever takes 3 City cards, they win instantly. Otherwise the game is scored at the end as follows:

  • - Whoever took a majority of 8 Supporters scores 8 points.
  • - Whoever took a majority of 7 Supporters scores 7 points.
  • - Whoever took a majority of 6 Supporters scores 6 points.
  • - Whoever took a majority of 5 Supporters scores 5 points.
  • - Each set of 5-6-7-8 scores 5 points.
  • - Alliance and Betrayal cards score their face value.

If tied for a type of Supporter, neither player scores it. City cards are worth no points.