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The object of the game is to earn points by completing objectives. There are three types of objectives: Plot, Bamboo and Panda. Players start with one of each type.

Each turn consists of 2 steps:

  1. Determine weather (except in the players first turn)
  2. Perform 2 different actions, place any number of improvements and irrigation channels, and complete any number of objectives

Weather types (always optional)

  • Sun - take a 3rd action
  • Rain - grow 1 bamboo on any irrigated plot
  • Wind - "may" take two identical actions this turn
  • Storm - move panda to any plot and he eats a bamboo as normal
  • Clouds - take an improvement chip from the bank, if no chips are available, choose 1 of the other 4 types of weather
  • Question mark - choose any 1 of the 5 types of weather


  • Build plot - draw 3 plot tiles and place one
  • Irrigation - Take an irrigation channel from the reserve. Either place it immediately or store for later use.
  • Gardener - Move the gardener any number of tiles in a straight line and then grow bamboo.
  • Panda - Move the panda any number of tiles in a straight line and then eat a bamboo section. The bamboo is then placed in your reserve.
  • Objective card - Take another objective card from one of the 3 decks. There is a hand limit of 5 cards.

Improvements can only be placed on plots with no bamboo. There can only be 1 improvement on a plot and once placed cannot be changed. To place an improvement as soon as the plot is placed, pick the improvement first.

Irrigation channels must be between two plots. When a plot is irrigated for the first time it grows bamboo.

Plots can only be placed adjacent to the pond or in a spot next to 2 other existing plots.

The gardener grows bamboo on his plot and all adjacent irrigated plots of the same color.

Game ends when a certain number of objectives have been completed.

  • 2 players - 9 objectives
  • 3 players - 8 objectives
  • 4 players - 7 objectives

The first player to complete the required number of objectives triggers the final round and scores 2 bonus points. The other players have a final turn.

The highest score wins, the tie breaker is number of points on panda objectives. If the score is still tied then all tied players win.